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    how to hide "pringing report . . ." dialog box when running docmd.openreport rptName, acviewnormal

    running docmd.openreport with acViewNoramal parameter shows a dialog box: "printing . . .". how can i hide this dialog box? thanks.

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    Take a look at this link.


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    Greate thanks to Mr. Burrina.

    Mr. Burrina: you saved me a crushiing difficulty! This is the story: In a store 10 sellers sell articles each with a wireless barcode scanner. All scanner outputs are pooled in a singe-textBox form Access Application, from where are further processed, and finally printed as the purchase-package of each customer per each seller. On this form there must not be any other object which receives the mouse focus, otherwise the barcode scanner will not be received in the text box, and will be lost. When the customer trafic is low, everything is ok. But in the time of high customer traffic this nasty "printing ..." dialoge box, in the time of printing purchase-package, comes in, gets the mouse focus, swallows the barcode, by which itself is killed! (i.e. this dialoge is cancelled), which means, printing the purchase-package is lost. How could i get rid of this problem? Only with your help! Mr. Burrina, you saved me! Thanks thousand times!
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