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    what are some benefits of a DBMS like MS Access?

    i know this question sounds dumb, but what are some benefits and disadvantages in dealing with data files? i know the question might sound dumb to you but please help. so far i have that you can easily create reports and forms from thousands of data entries by a simple click of the mouse....plz healp people

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    You can store up to 2 gigs of data in an MS Access database. Also it is relational which allows you to relate data together. This makes querying data a breeze and allows easy creations of subforms. Access is a RAD tool also and is good for cleaning up data brought in from other sources.

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    imagine the telephone book with all the entries random....that would be working with data with no database....

    imagine the telephone book with all the entries manually sorted alphabetically - but then you need to add a couple more names - Adams, Booker, you want to manually go thru it and figure out where to insert them?? that would be working with data but with no database....

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    If you are using Xcel to keep track of sales being made by sales managers, what products they are selling, and what region they are selling to then in Xcell each time you enter a new record will need to include the Sale Managers name, the region or territory that the sale was made in and what product he sold making data entry very redundant.

    With access you simple house your sales managers in one table, your territories in another table and products in it's own table. This allows you to enter the data once, in one place and relate back to it when entering recoreds that rely on this information saving both time and space.

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