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    Create a report that dynamically adapts to a crosstab query.

    This came up in another thread so I'm posting an example database here so we don't end up hijacking that thread.

    This example database uses unbound textboxes and 'blank' labels and some VBA code in the ON OPEN event of the report to dynamically fill in columns of data.

    The example is limited to five columns of data OTHER than the row headers.

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    Does anyone have sample database for patients and their lab reports ???



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    I'm not so sure that I understand what this dynamic crosstab query does. I opened the report and the query and not sure what I'm looking for. What's unique about this file?

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    Look at the design view of the report, most of the fields are unbound. They control source of the fields is determined when the report is run. This allows you to have dynamic column headers instead of creating a crosstab query and hard coding the column names. In the example database if you added a category and some data in the table tblTest, the report would not have to be altered at all. The only limit would be the number of columns defined in the report.

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