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    Transferspreadsheet Range Question

    Hello All,

    I've been loving this forum so far. I've been learning so much.

    One of the topics I've come to know quite well is the Transferspreadsheet command.
    TransferSpreadsheet(TransferType, SpreadsheetType, TableName, FileName, HasFieldNames, Range, UseOA)

    I learned that you can define the range of the spreadsheet one would like to import.
    As of right now, some of the information I'd be uploading will come from another online database and is downloaded into the same format each time.
    I was hoping that in order speed up the process of appending data to my access database I could have 1 excel spreadsheet and then define the range specifically.

    In general the range should be defined something like
    Could I do this:


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    Transferspreadsheet does not support multiple ranges for the same command line.

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    Ok, that's too bad.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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