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    Dealing with the # character

    Thanks in advance.

    I have a database that was populated using many excel sheets and one of the fields [partDescription] uses the # character over and over to represent "lbs". I realize that this is a wild card for digits in VB. Is there a quick fix for finding and replacing this character?

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    it's not a wildcard it notates the beginning/end of a date field.

    what do you want your result to be?

    Two separate fields one for the quantity, one for the measure


    ItemWeight  ItemUnit
    1           Pounds
    2           Ounces
    10          Grams
    if you don't care about the unit measure or just want to replace it with a string (which I don't recommend)

    you could run an update query on the current field that and in the UPDATE TO row of the query put something like Replace([Fieldname], "#", "lbs")

    if you want to split the units and the actual value that would also be a update query but you'd have to split the field using something like

    left([fieldname], instr([fieldname], "#") -1)
    right([fieldname], len([fieldname]) - instr([fieldname],"#"))

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    Once you have imported to Access, you can run an Update Query to remove the # from the field(s) in question.
    Easiest way to remove unwanted characters (in mass) that I know of.

    I would suggest importing to a temp table first until you are comfortable with your process.

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