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    Link Imported Excel Table to a Standard DataBase Table

    Hi All,

    Newbie to the forum and to Access.

    What I am trying to do is link an Excel 2013 Table I have to SharePoint 2013, Unfortunately Microsoft seem to have removed the feature of linking excel straight to SharePoint. So I am having to try go about this is a roundabout way. Access is great to work with in conjunction with SharePoint, No issues to date until this problem.

    I have linked an Excel table into Access, that works fine and the Access table updates from the excel source, what I want to do now is link that table to SharePoint, however this doesn't seem to be an option. So what I would like to do if there is a way possible, is have my linked excel table feed straight into a standard Access table (which can be linked to SharePoint).

    Been new to Access Im not sure of some of the features, I have tried query's but that doesnt seem to link the tables, and is a once off movement of Data. Im not sure if relationships will do this for, I have tried playing around with them but they dont seem to transfer data.

    I have small experience with VBA if anybody thinks that would be an option, maybe direct VB from excel to access.

    Really trying to think of any way to complete this task

    Any help appreciated,


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    If SharePoint won't accept the Excel link or queries based on the link, then seems the only option is import records to a table.

    Why is Excel involved?
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