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    if record exists...conditional query criteria is what I am attempting to do.

    Update query based on a form text box control (txtID) and run from a command button.

    The user will input an equipment number. Since the query is actually a hierarchy tree the user may not necessarily know which column it is located.

    Based on the equipment number, the query will return all rows that include the equipment number.

    I think I can do it with a recordset or dlookup...

    If DLookup("IDValue", "tblbase", "IDValue = '" txtid "'") = 0 Then
    SELECT tblBase.IDValue, tblBase.Level1, tblBase.Level2, tblBase.Level3, tblBase.Level4, tblBase.Level5, tblBase.Level6, tblBase.Level7, tblBase.Level8, tblBase.Level9, tblBase.Level10, tblBase.Level11, tblBase.Level12
    FROM tblBase
    WHERE (((tblBase.IDValue) Like "*"));

    IF DLookup(...) > 0 Then
    Where (((tblbase.IDValue) Like "[Forms]![frmForm]![txtid]"

    I also need to return the row even if there is null values in other fields (use nz?)
    I need help with the best method to perform this and syntax.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Where (((tblbase.IDValueLike [Forms]![frmForm]![txtid
    Note that "[Forms]![frmForm]![txtid]" does not reference the form control, it's a mere string.

    You're on the right track.

    Congradulations, many posters don't even try.

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    2 can tell I'm a beginner? ;-) :-D

    I'll give the coding another run and post a sample dB as soon as possible. (can't post actual as the data is proprietary.)

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