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    How to open report of all records with field RFA checked (its a checkbox).

    Hi all,

    I have a table called estimates and a field in that report is called RFA and this is a checkbox. How can i open a report i created (called EReport) for all rhe records in this table that have the RFA field checked (therefore true).


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    Insert a checkbox on the report. Connect it to the field: RFA
    (if you select the checkbox tool then drag your field down onto the connects for you)

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    You can use a macro with OpenReport action for that. There is a filter parameter for that action, that can be set to RFA = -1 to get only the records with the RFA flag set.

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    HAPM is suggesting setting the filter property when you open the report. If you use this method, be sure your FILTER ON LOAD property is set to YES or I don't believe it will work.

    If you are attempting to build a query that ONLY shows values where the RFA has been checked you can add a criteria to your query that is -1 in the RFA field (assuming it's a checkbox).
    This would limit your report to only showing those records all the time. There are other ways to create a dynamic query without using the filter property (I prefer not to mess around with filters myself) that will adapt to whether you want to show your entire data set, the data where RFA is checked (-1), the data where RFA is unchecked (0) or where RFA hasn't been answered (null).

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    If you use the filter parameter on the OpenReport action it will automatically set FilterOnLoad.

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