New to your forum as fairly new to access so please be gentle.
I have 5 tables for which I am trying to create one data entry form.

Table 1 (client info) is set up with ClientID as primary key with relationship one-to-many with tables 2 & 3. Tables 2 (rental info) & 3 (invoice info) are related thru ContractID as primary key one-to-one but also have a ClientID field.

I have created a 2 tab form with client info on tab 1 and subform rental info on tab 2. I then added the invoice info subform to the rental info subform.

These work great in carrying ClientID from tab 1 form to the rental info subform on tab 2 and the ContractID from rental info to the invoice info subform.

Now my last 2 tables are checklists for each specific invoice so are one-to-one with ContractID as primaries. I would like to have command buttons to open these 2 checklists. That in itself is no problem but I can't seem to get them linked so as when the initial ContractID is entered it will carry to these 2 checklists. I want the record written so that all I should have to do at a later time is just check the boxes. I do not want to have to re-enter the Contract ID.

Can this be done? I have searched forums for 3 days now and can't seem to find this senerio anywhere.

Thanks in advance for any help on this problem.