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    Cannot create Global Variables

    I am creating these in a module, but they don't retain their value out side of it. Here's my code.

    Public Function Assign_Globals()
    On Error GoTo Err_Handler
        Dim gstrVendor_Name As String
        Dim gstrPath As String
        Dim gintAccounting_Period As Integer
        Dim gintFiscal_Year As Integer
        Dim gstrImport_File As String
        Dim gstrMacro_File As String
        Dim gstrStatement_Type As String
        Dim strCriteria As String
        strCriteria = "[Vendor_ID] = '" & Forms!frmUpdateCMX!cboVendor & "'"
        gstrVendor_Name = DLookup("[Vendor_Name]", "tblVendor", strCriteria)
        gstrPath = DLookup("[Path]", "tblVendor", strCriteria)
        gintAccounting_Period = Forms!frmUpdateCMX!cboAccountingPeriod
        gintFiscal_Year = Forms!frmUpdateCMX!txtFiscalYear
        gstrImport_File = DLookup("[Import_File]", "tblVendor", strCriteria)
        gstrMacro_File = DLookup("[Macro_File]", "tblVendor", strCriteria)
        gstrStatement_Type = DLookup("[Statement_Type]", "tblVendor", strCriteria)
        Exit Function
        MsgBox Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description
        Resume Exit_Function
        Resume Next
    End Function
    When I try to use Global or Public instead of Dim I get "Invalid attribute in Sub or Function."

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    Global values must be OUTSIDE any function or sub. Usu. at the top of the module / form.
    I create a module called GLOBAL myself.

    label variables as:

    PUBLIC gstrVendor_Name as string

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    Ta Da!

    Thank you,


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    You might also look into TempVars, since you're basically using these to establish what appear to be static valuees that you wish to persist throughout the user's session.

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