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    Question Hyperlinking Image or Office Documents using a network path & table values as a link.

    Hi, thanks for visiting my thread. I'm a novice user of access & totally no programming background. I have this database that i need to add hyperlinks to references such as images & office documents like word & excel. The files I was hoping to hyperlink were located on a network path ("\\\Images\"), then I have the image file name in the table (123456) & it's a ".jpg" file. So the whole path for the image is ("\\\PD Models\123456.jpg). How can I make this possible? Hoping to achieve this to be automatically generated each time I create a record since the files are all located in one path only.

    As for the office documents, they are located in a network path ("\\Lazlotus\")as well but unlike images the documents are situated in different sub-folders etc... but a have a text file that contains all the individual paths for each file in the parent folder which can be used as a full path reference for each available document in the directory. Below are the sample contents of the text file. The last value in the path is a record value in my table. Hoping to achieve a lookup like effect.



    There will be instances that some document/image may not be available, so this will serve as a verification tool for me to see if the record has an available image & document.


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    For your images, if all the files name is already in an Access table (say "IMAGEFILE") with field "FILENAME".
    If you have a table (say "VERIFYFILE") has already a field (say "FILENAME") that is "HYPERLINK".

    Using the following query, will generate the link in table "VERIFYFILE". Once you open the table "VERIFYFILE", you can click on the link to see if file can be viewed.

    SELECT "\\\Images\" & IMAGEFILE.FILENAME & ".jpg"

    Similarly, then office documents will be like


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