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    List Boxes.

    Hi all.

    I am currently mid way through creating a program for my A level Computing exam coursework. I am using Access to create a program to grade students in a year group. I am using list boxes to filter out which students do which classes and then allowing the user to select a grade and comment for the specified student.

    What I wanted to ask you guys, is how I can make it so that once the user clicks on the next student in the list box to add data to, if there is already data saved to that student (a comment and grade) in the table linked to the form, it is displayed in the comment box and the grade to the right.

    Thanks in advance,


    P.S. I have attatched a copy of the code from the form + a screenshot of the form itself.

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    Let me get this straight. you want that grade and comment if already added for a particular Child for a particular student that the user should get a prompt that data is already being entered and then the user will get an option either to abort or to modify the exsiting data. Now you have to tell me whether I am right if I am on the right track please send me your table structure so that I may be able to suggest a solution.


    please send it on for speedy response.

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    List Box

    Hi will I hope you wil excuse me for the scrapy work. I just designed something for you. I am attaching a database.

    Go to Forms:

    You will find two list Boxes Classes and Students. Once you select a subject the students taking that following subject will appear in the student list box.

    Now try entering comments:

    Select a subject then a student name on the respective list boxes. Selectan option on the option group and then type a comment on the text box (Text 33). Click on the save button. The comment is saved. Try re-entering the same comment by clicking the save button msgbox prompts that comment is already entered.

    Now change the comment and press the save button again the msgbox prompts that comment is already entered and presents you with two options Yes and No. No aborts keeping your original comment intact and if you click yes your comment is updated.

    I designed this in 30 min during my lunch break in my office. I have used office 2000 and thus you might have to convert the database. In our office we use ubuntu open source only I have a lap with microsoft office 2000.

    please let me know if your problem is solved if it does please to post the VBA codes on the forum and mark the thread solved.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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