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    Passing specific Combobox info to a query

    Hi - hope someone can help.

    What I'm trying to do is to select service dates within a 53 week year - and the year doesn't always start on the 1st Jan. When I use specific criteria in the ServiceDate field in the query (dd/mm/yyyy) to

    "Between #28/12/2009# And (#28/12/2009#+371)"

    it works fine.

    When I use a text box (set to dd/mm/yyyy) and set the criteria to

    "Between Forms!FRM_FormName!TextBox and (Forms!FRM_FormName!TextBox +371)"

    it also works fine

    I don't want the user to have to remember the exact start date of each year, so I created a tbltablestartdate tabe; with 3 fields - ID, year and yearstartdate.

    On the form I created & bound a combobox to that table, but only display the year. I want to let the user select the year (yyyy) but use the yearstartdate (dd/mm/yyyy) as the criteria in the query. I tried substituting 'Combobox' for 'TextBox' but that doesnt work, as (presumably) the combobox is passing the data for the year, not the yearsstartdate.

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    Have you tried to build an unbound date based upon the combo box and then use that unbound control in your filter?

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