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    trouble creating correct criteria

    perhaps i have set up the table incorrectly but as it stands now there are these fields

    Fund 1 (value list: soc, iwg, general funds)
    amount 1
    Fund 2 (value list: soc, iwg, general funds)
    amount 2
    fund 3 (value list: soc, iwg, general funds)
    amount 3

    the Fund fields are value lists where the user can select which of three funds the amount will be withdrawn from

    the end result a report that sums the amounts where the fund is x.
    in english the criteria is

    sum (amount 1 where fund 1 = soc )
    sum ( amount 2 where fund 2= soc)
    sum (amount 3 where fund 3 = soc)
    and then create a grand total.

    I have tried every thing i can think of but i am not getting anywhere close to the result i need. i need to start from scratch and get this to work

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    Take a look at the attached query snapshot, both in the design and query views. There are good tricks in the columns that have an alias name.

    Note that the last two column names were built by the Access Build Query Wizard.

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