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    Working with A Lot of Data...Ideas Needed

    Happy Friday!
    So I've designed a database, but my oh my it's so slow! The purpose of the database is a healthy pregnancy program. I have to load thousands of eligible women into the database so that the employee can then find the women who will be in the program. So basically, the user doesn't have to input a bunch of data about the women in the program; it's all there for her already.

    With thousands of records, the database runs so slow because of course it runs through all of the records whenever a query is run, etc. How do I create it so that there is a table for the thousands...most of which are not needed...but when she "chooses" a record of a woman who will participate in the program, that woman's record gets put into a table of "Participants". This way, when I create queries or reports for her, they will only have to be run against the few hundred that she is working with. Any ideas?

    OH and FYI...I will likely be splitting this database, so the table with the thousands could be in the BE and the table of "Participants" could be in the front end.

    Thank you!!

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    Do you have indexes on some fields in your table(s)? Can you tell us about your database -- tables and relationships?
    It would be helpful if you could tell us more about "the business". Your database is intended to support some activities and processes (the business).
    When you split an Access database into FE and BE, the tables (data) go in the BE and the queries, forms,reports go in the FE.
    Good luck with your project.

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    It is slow running queries? Thousands is a small db. I have over 60,000 records in one table and queries run fine. Access is capable of millions of records.

    Duplicating the participant's data into another table is not optimal design and that table should be in the backend anyway, unless it is a 'temp' table. Temp table is table that temporarily holds records for a process. The records are purged before the process runs.
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