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    Complex problem, hopefully a simple solution?

    Hey everyone, I have a nasty query i'm trying to create here, here's the basics of it:

    We have a system that facilities respond 3 times a day with stock. These reports have to come in very specific windows. Morning 2-6,Afternoon 8-12, and night 4-8
    Some days, facilities respond 4 times a day, other times 3, other times 2. What I want to eventually do create monthly charts showing the % of compliance of the 3
    time windows.

    The data comes out as excel with the facility name and the time/date(in a single column) of the report Example:
    blarg 3/1/2014 4:56

    I'm thinking my first step should be to convert this into a format like this:
    blarg 3/1/2014 YES NO YES

    The tricky part is, making a query smart enough to tell if any of the values for a day fall in each window and not get confused if they're extra values. Any Ideas?

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    Don't do it as you are suggesting.

    Create a more detailed description of what is involved; what are the main things involved? How do these things interact/interrelate?What exactly do you want to record? What exactly do you have to Report? Is the some regulation/law/statute that Facilities must adhere to/abide by?

    Do Facilities have Contacts/Agents that interact with you/your Company? If so, do these change? If so,is it important who does whatever a facility does?

    You need some meat on the skeleton you provided. The secret to database is to get it designed --up front -- to support the business and business rules.

    If you haven't worked with database, then here's a tutorial that will guide you through the steps and create a well designed database.Once you have worked through it and compared your solution with the tutorial's example, you'll be in great shape to apply what you've learned to your own database.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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