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    Runtime Error After Working Fine Yesterday? Can't find Object.

    So after some great help here with some VBA for conditional formatting, my report was working great yesterday. I run it today and I get a run-time error 2465. It says it can't find the object referred to in the On Load section. The Control Source for the report is a query. It asks the correct question when launching, but then bombs out. Since I turned the calculated fields into Unbound Objects and do the calculations within the VBA instead of each field's Control Source, do I need to define the query or table where the values reside? Thanks!!
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    Cannot refer to table or query directly in expression. Would require domain aggregate functions (DSum, DCount, etc).

    If the data is on an open form then need reference like: Forms!formname!fieldname

    I have known references to fields in report RecordSource to fail if the field is not referenced in a textbox on report.
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    Heh, I removed the reference to those objects. That's why it started having those issues. I was also using the incorrect syntax. I was trying to do [QueryName].[FieldName] or [QueryName]![FieldName]. Thanks again June7!

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