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    If Statement for search form criteria


    I have created a multi field search form, which executes a query based on the information entered in the search form.
    In my query, the search criteria for each field I am searching on is Like "*" & [Forms!]![SearchForm]![fieldname1] & "*".

    My table which my query pulls from may have blank cells in the fields which I am searching on. I have 6 fields in my search form.

    When I only enter search criteria in the search form for some of the fields (for example 4 of the 6 fields) it doesn't return the records which match the criteria that I have entered if the 4 fields of my search form, if the cells in my table are empty for one of the other 2 fields pn the search form for which I did not enter anything.

    I am trying to use an if statement as the search criteria to say IF the search form box is NOT NULL, then Search for Like "*" & [Forms!]![SearchForm]![fieldname1] & "*". but IF the search form box is NULL, then don't use the search form as a criteria but return all records.

    Can anybody help with the syntax for this IF statement?

    Any insight or help would be really appreciated!

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    see this free video for ideas. It was done with Access 2000-2003, but the concept is the critical part.

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    That tutorial presents an approach that assumes every record will have data in the criteria fields.

    If null is possible, must handle. Options:

    1. Create fields in query with expression to convert null and apply wildcard filter criteria to that field
    [fieldname] & ""
    Nz([fieldname], "none")

    2. Use Or Is Null as part of the criteria parameter
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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