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    Macro to open report based on value in a form

    Hi Guys,

    Having an issue with one of my macros and can't seem to find a solution, wonder if anyone can help.

    Basically I have a report called rptCustomerInvoice which is based on a query (qryCustomerInvoice) and to generate an invoice you enter the JobID using a parameter value in the query. (In the query for the criteria for JobID it's [Enter Job ID:]

    But what I am also trying to achieve is to have a button on the Jobs form, which shows details of the jobs, that was also open this invoice based on the value of the JobID field on this form, the macro so far looks like this:

    ReportName: rptCustomerInvoice
    Where Condition: ???

    This where condition is where I am trouble I have tried qryCustomerInvoice.JobID = frmJobs.JobID and the table, so basically my question is, what do I need the where condition to be to achieve what I want?

    Any help is appreciated,

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    The dynamic parameter and the WHERE condition are mutually exclusive. Use one or the other.

    In either case, refer to form control, something like:

    Instead of [Enter Job ID:] use

    or in the WHERE condition

    [Job ID]=Forms!formname!controlname
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    So I'd have to create a copy of my existing query, name it something similar and then use the forms value in the criteria for JobID and use a Macro to OpenReport where condition = qry?

    Edit: Well I did the above and that works like a charm so I'll stick to it! Thank you!
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