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    beginner - populating a field with values based on another field's values

    i am new to access, sql and vba access.

    access table (Table1) has
    ID Gender NewGender
    1 male -
    2 female -
    3 males -

    I want the field Table1.NewGender to be populated with numerical codes 1 and 2 for males and females respectively based on Table1.Gender field.

    My visual basic editor has this:

    Sub recode()

    End Sub

    Could you pls start me off by giving me the VBA code i need to do this recoding that i can paste into the editor between sub recode and end sub


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    I don't understand the question

    Are you trying to homogenize an existing set of data where people have typed in male, males, xmalex (where x can be any string of characters)?

    To do that you'd likely want a second table that has your 'allowable' genders (male or female) then run an update on your table1 rather than trying to update table 1 from other values in table 1

    Either way you shouldn't need code to do this you'd just have to run an update query for any GENDER that is LIKE *male* and update the NEWGENDER field to 1 then run a similar query for LIKE *female* and update NEWGENDER to 2

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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