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    Filtering a Report

    I've got this query (its in sql here to simplify)

    SELECT OnHand.PalletSpace, Products.ProductID, OnHand.ProductName, OnHand.OnHand, OnHand.LastTransDate
    FROM Products INNER JOIN (SELECT ProductName, PalletSpace, Sum(Quantity) AS OnHand, Max(TransactionDate) AS LastTransDate FROM ProductTrans GROUP BY ProductName, PalletSpace) AS OnHand ON Products.ProductID = OnHand.ProductName

    WHERE (((OnHand.OnHand)<>0))
    ORDER BY OnHand.PalletSpace;

    This query is for a report. I've created a form called Ps which has a text box called Text10. A button on the text box opens the report.

    My problem is I cant get the text in Text10 to filter my report. I know that on my query I could add [SomeText] in criteria and it would ask me for the text to filter, but, my totals are set as expressions, not groups so that is not possible. Any ideas? Can post screenshots if it will help.


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    The OpenReport command can filter a report. What is the code you have behind your button and what value do you have in your TextBox?
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