Access 2010 database that runs up on sharepoint. When a user adds a new cutomer record to the database the record is not saving properly. Instead of auto increment by one unt the record gets flagged with a negative value (ie. -4) instead of the new value. The record does not get saved to the database and consequently the other users can not see the record. It appears that it is coming from not syncing. I have logged into the database and tried to duplicate the problem with no luck. Seems to be a random event. This database has been in use for several years with no problems. There have not been any changes to the database structure for months so I know it is not something caused by a change. The Sharepoint server is housed on a internet backbone server with connection via a T-1 line from the outside users which are 150 miles away.

The structure is such that there is an autosave/synce upon exiting the record.

We regularly compact and synce on a monthly basis.