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    Turning Private Function Into Public

    Hello fellow access warriors,

    I'm trying to take a private function and turn it public to reduce bloat,

    Private Sub Text0_AfterUpdate()
    Select Case [Text0]
    Case "N"
    Text0 = "No"
    Case "Y"
    Text0 = "Yes"
    End Sub
    Here's my code, I've tried converting it to public as shown here

    Public Function Formatter()
    Select Case Me
    Case "N"
    Me = "No"
    Case "Y"
    Me = "Yes"
    End Sub
    Then for the box I use

    Private Sub Text0_AfterUpdate()
    End Sub
    I'm guessing theres something glaringly obvious I'm missing here as its giving me a type mismatch error.

    What am I missing? thanks guys

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    Me is a special word in VBA. It is an alias for form or report object name.

    A function is used to return a value to a calling procedure.

    Sub Text0_AfterUpdate()
    Me.Text0 = Formatter(Me.Text0)
    End Sub

    Function Formatter(varData)
    Select Case varData
    Case "N"
    Formatter = "No"
    Case "Y"
    Formatter = "Yes"
    End Select
    End Function
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