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    Vba Screen Capture Of Web Browser Microsoft Access

    Hello fellow engineers . I Have a MS Access database which has a web browser control incorporated within . I also have a get screen capture program for "excel" which works magnificent. I would like to incorporate these 2 functions into The Access . I would like to use my web browser control located in the access example to zoom into the picture of a house . Then capture that image and save it into access in the best usable format possible . I would really like if someone much more knowledgeable than myself could look at the excel vb code and say . Look here friend . Just change such and such on the Excel ScreenCapture vba example and that will convert it to a usable Access format . Both programs work perfect in there respected format . I would like to merge the 2 into Access .... I will enclose both examples and hope you kind people may Have a suggestion for me . Thank you in advance ....... Eric Maxfield
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    AFAIK, images cannot be pasted from clipboard into table field nor into an Image or OLEObject control. The image would have to first be saved to an image file format then pulled into Access by referencing the file.

    Bing: access vba save image from clipboard

    Whether or not can copy to clipboard from the Access web browser control is another matter. I just tried that with your Google Maps Example and failed.

    Bing: access vba screen capture
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    O wow ... Thank you , I get it i think ...Thank you for your efforts ,It has clarified my solution i feel . Ty very much

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