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    Exclamation how to store value in one text box which is related/populated by another combo box

    Hi experts,

    I have a table which has some fileds some of the fields is realy based on the selection of others

    Table Cat11

    Day Number
    Brand Text textbox value based on bdesc (after update of bdesc)
    Bdesc Text combobox lookup table brand
    Bage Number
    Bsex Number (1)Male (2)Female

    Lookuptable for Brand
    NOT STATED 000001
    A & P 000002
    A CUT ABOVE 000003

    A LA CARTE 000004
    A. RICHMAN & SONS000005
    A-LINE 000006
    A-LINEEVERDES 000007

    when a entry operator selects A & P in the desc combo the textbox automatically filled 00002
    But the DATA doesn't store in the only display on the form.

    Simply what I did to display / relationship for this two combo box
    control source of Brand =[desce]
    but this action only display whatever chose in desc that doesn't store in the table

    How to I store the brand value which is auto populated by desc.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    What does your Table structure look like.

    Please post something so that I can see what you are doing.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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