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    Invalid bracketing of name of external database as source dbf used in append query

    Invalid bracketing of name 'V:\Maintenance\I&EShop\I&E Databases\Elect. PMs\Visual PM Manager_be.accdb'.

    I am simply trying to append data from a table in another database into the current database. Not that complicated, right? But I'm getting the above error based on this statement:

    INSERT INTO [Field SWITCHGEARList] IN 'V:\Maintenance\I&EShop\I&E Databases\Elect. PMs\Visual PM Manager_be.accdb' SELECT SWITCHGEARList.* FROM SWITCHGEARList;
    I have tried 'blah' and "blah" and [blah] and '[blah]' and "[blah]".I have even tried removing the ampersand to see if that is generating the error, without success.


    Grrr. I just noticed the period in the directory name. I'm stuck with their directory structure so I'll have to work around it...
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    What are you trying to accomplish with this statement?

    is [field switchgearlist] a table?

    Are you attempting to paste a series of records from the table SWITCHGEARLIST from a table that is not in your current db into the table FIELD SWITCHGEARLIST?

    when you use INSERT INTO with SELECT you're basically pasting records from one table to another with the assumption that the table that records are coming FROM have matching fields in the table you're pasting TO.

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