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    Append Query

    I am importing records from another Access database by linking tables and using the append query to transfer the records from one table to the next. I have about 5000 records in the original database I did not have the “Confirm action queries” setting checked so I let the query run that I thought would added 2 records (that is the number of records in the linked table) and now I have about 10,000 records with the last 5,000 being the 2 imported records over and over again. This same thing happened again and it brought me to about 20,000 records. I had to work out some other bugs so I have run the “Append Query” several time importing the same 2 records several times. I don’t know if this is causing problems. Once set up a unique record would never be imported more then once. I have since starting using the “Confirm action queries” and it tells me now how row(s) are being appended. There have been cases where only the 2 records in the linked table are added but I have made so many changes I don’t know how many records it will try to add next. The Table that the records are being imported does have a primary key and I have not defined one in the table being linked. Thanks for any help.

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    Sound like you append query has an improperly joined table.

    Post the SQL for your append query.

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