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    Form "On Open" Event Password Code Not Working in .accde

    I thought I had the password issue down for opening a specific form in my db -- until I published it in .accde. I have one form in my multi-user db that I don't want outside sources to have access to. (Keep in mind that the general users of this db have no interest or clue in how to back-door access forms or form designs. So this simple solution is really all that is needed.) I inserted code in the On Open event of this particular form as follows:

    Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)

    Dim pwd As String
    pwd = InputBox("Please Enter the Password")
    If pwd = "Password" Then
    MsgBox "You're In. Welcome!"
    MsgBox "Password incorrect. Access Denied"
    End If

    End Sub

    This worked perfectly when operating the .accdb database. However, when I published it in .accde format, the function is simply igonored and it opens the form right up without prompting for the password.

    Any other solutions to this?

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    Sounds to me as though the code is just not firing. I would go back to the original bd and try to create the accde again. Just check that the code is working in the original db first.
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    Does any code fire? In not, it's possible the folder where the .accde file resides hasn't been declared as 'trusted.'

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