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    Report Width....Stacked Detail?

    I have a report that needs to display 12 months of data with 4 columns for each month (48 columns across). This is too much to put going across the report even if it is landscaped. Is there a way to have 3 months across and then 3 more months across below it, etc. I have repetitive multiple row values for each month.

    May Jun Jul
    Product A
    Product B
    Product C

    Aug Sep Oct
    Product A
    Product B
    Product C
    Nov Dec Jan
    Product A
    Product B
    Product C

    Feb Mar Apr
    Product A
    Product B
    Product C

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    Build you stack in a temporary table with multiple queries and a Qtr indicator, with product, monthly data appearing in the appropriate columns. Then group your data by quarter.

    The stacking will require numerous queries, but they will be lightning fast in the aggregate.

    A pass through Oracle query will do the stacking/grouping for you.

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