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    date format

    My Code:

    Recon_list.Recon_Date=#" & Month(fieldrecondate) & "/" & Day(fieldrecondate) & "/" & Year(fieldrecondate) & "#"

    My quesiton:

    Would that causing problem in Poznan where the system date is "dd/mm/yy"? The recon_date is displayed as "dd/mm/yy" format in the recon_list table in Poznan. It's displayed as "mm/dd/yy" in my computer because I have a different system date format.

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    Dates in SQL must be written in the US date format (month/day/year). This is imperative regardless of the default date format settings on your computer. The Access query design window accepts dates in your local default format but it converts the date you type to the correct format when it builds the SQL statement.

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