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    No data in database that shows file size being almost 2mb??

    I've never seen this in all the years of working with Access.

    I have a database that was working fine and the next day everything is gone except for the file name.

    The file shows 1900kb of data. When you open it there is nothing.
    No tables, queries, forms, reports, modules.

    How can this happen?

    I have selected the Hidden Objects and can see the tables and queries only but am unable to view any of them. Plus I don't know where my forms, reports, and modules are?

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    I have seen it happen where the columns for each object group get completely hidden. See if you can put your cursor all the way to the left and expand the first column.

    If that doesn't work, try importing the objects into a new blank database.

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    not it

    i've selected to show Hidden Objects.
    I see the tables and queries in the hidden view but no forms, reports, or modules are availabe.

    Same thing if you start a new db and try to import.

    And I get a message about No Read Definitions Permission on table or query.

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