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    Import Excel files into Access, run query, export results in XLS

    I'm sure that this has been covered ad nauseaum but please humor me.

    I'm essentially trying to:
    1. Import XLS1 into existing tbl1 in Access
    2. Import XLS2 into existing tbl2 in Access
    3. Run existing query1 in Access
    4. Export query1 results in XLS format
    5. Empty the contents of tbl1 and tbl2

    The kicker is that I'd like to prompt users to browse for the file path of XLS1, XLS2, and the destination of query1 results.

    Any advice or pointers for a beginner?

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    Simple sample for browsing for files

    once you define the files you want to import you can do that with the docmd.transferspreadsheet or some other method

    If query1 is a simple select query based on the contents of the two spreadsheets you can just export it and disconnect the linked tables or if you're importing directly into tables instead of linking you can run delete queries to clear out the information.

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    And Ken Snell has a site for importing/exporting XLS workbooks:

    Also, I would suggest creating import specs when importing Excel workbooks.
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    Thanks everyone, the accessmvp looks good. I'll give that a try.

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