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    How to make field names show instead of ID numbers

    In the attached database, I am working with the form called "frmParents" which has a subform on it. Go to record number 6 of the main form and you will see some values for the subform. In the "ClassName" field I have the classID, but I want the actual classname to display. I know I can do this by using a Lookup data type in the underlying table, but I've read posts advising not to use Lookup in tables. So what is the best way to do this?

    Also, notice how the last column of the sub form has a field called "Parent" which contains an ID number. I didn't want to add this field to the subform, but I had to do this, so that I can link the main form and subform by the parent ID field. I don't want this field to display. I set the visible property of that field in Design View to 'no' and it still shows. How do I make it not visible with form properties? I know I can right click and hide the field, but I would rather do it with the visible property.
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    Don't use lookup in tables. Use lookup in form, namely in a combobox RowSource property.
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