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    Helo to everyone,

    I have a database which i need to create code so that after the installation date of the database, then after 30 days the database must close automatically and ask for admin code. Unfortunately I am a beginner in vba so I can not write the code. I'll be grateful if any forum member can help

    Thanks in advanced



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    Unless you publish the database as an executable, this feature would be virtually meaningless. Holding down the shift key while opening mdb or accdb will override most optional settings and bypass automatic code execution. The database is then fully accessible.

    First, the 'install' procedure would have to record a date in a table. Then code in an autoexec macro (a macro that executes as soon as the db is opened) or code behind a form that opens by default when the db opens would calculate difference between that date and current date and act appropriately.

    This assumes the database is regularly closed and not left perpetually open.
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    You could take it a step further and have your app Ringdown POP-CORN to verify the date. The system time could possibly be overriden by the user.

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