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    Why query prompting for parameter value? - Aggregate function and Calculated Field?

    My query contains the following two fields (among others):

    Query Field #1
    Credits (numeric data type)
    ("Total" in Design View is set to "Sum"; an aggregate function)

    Query Field #2
    FTE: [SumOfCredits]/15

    When I run this query, I'm prompted to enter a parameter value for "SumOfCredits." If I just click "OK" without entering any value and allow the query to run, it appears to run correctly--the query results are correct.

    Why is it prompting me for a parameter value? Is there any possibility of incorrect or unexpected query results in this situation, and, if so, is there a work-around?

    Thank you!

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    The query can not find SumOfCredits. Is this an alias within the query? You may have to build a separate query and join that query to get a valid SumOfCredits field. Seems as though you may be trying an aggregate calculation. Give the query something to bite onto by getting your sum first.

    The other thing may be SumOfCredits is a field name in more than one table in your query. If so, try adding the table name in front of the field name

    FTE: [TableName].[SumOfCredits]/15

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    Try Aggregate Query

    Query Field #1
    Table:Table Name
    Total Sum
    Query Field #2
    Field:FTE: [Total_Amount]/15
    Total Expression

    Query Field #2
    FTE: [SumOfCredits]/15

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    Try setting the FTE field to "Expression" in QBE view.


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