I am using Office2003. I've written an Access app for a client that sends emails thru Outlook. At home, I do not have an exchange server, however, using a split database sends the emails flawlessly. I receive no error msgs.

My client is using XP Pro with Office 2003. They are using Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. All are using Outlook2003. I have two command buttons, each one firing of a particular email.
One workstation sends both.
One workstation sends one and when firing off and the other command button produces a error msg. stating that there is a license problem (which there isn't, all are activated legally.).
The other workstation produces a type mismatch error (I believe 13 is the err #.)

I spoke with their IT dept and all station, Outlook, etc. are configured same, yet the problem continues. I have ensured all references have been made, including Exchange.

Here is the code utilized:
Here is the code being utilized:
Public Sub EmailDelayAdvice()
Dim objOutlook As Outlook.Application
Dim objMailItem As Outlook.MailItem
Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set objMailItem = objOutlook.CreateItem(0)
Dim strShipmentDest As String
Dim strDest As String
Dim dteDate As Date
Dim dteTime As Date
Dim strEmailAddress As String
Dim q As String

q = Chr(34)

On Error GoTo Errorhandlers

strShipmentDest = Forms!shipments!ManifestNumber & Forms!shipments!Dest
strDest = Forms!shipments!Dest
strEmailAddress = DLookup("[EMAIL]", "CUSTOMER", "[CUSTOMERID] = " & Forms!shipments!CustomerId)

Forms!shipments!ManifestNumber) = True Then
If Forms!shipments!Dest = Forms!shipments!UltimateDest Then
dteDate = DLookup("[UltEtaDate]", "Manifest", "[ManifestNumber] = " & Forms!shipments!ManifestNumber)
dteTime = DLookup("[UltEtaTime]", "Manifest", "[ManifestNumber] = " & Forms!shipments!ManifestNumber)
dteDate = DLookup("[DestEtaDate]", "ManifestStops", "[ManifestNumberDest] = " & q & strShipmentDest & q)
dteTime = DLookup("[DestEtaTime]", "ManifestStops", "[ManifestNumberDest] = " & q & strShipmentDest & q)
End If

With objMailItem
.To = DLookup("[EMAIL]", "CUSTOMER", "[CUSTOMERID] = " & Forms!shipments!CustomerId)
.Body = "Your shipment destined to " & strDest & " has been delayed until " & dteDate & " and is scheduled to arrive at " & dteTime & ". Should you have any questions please call us at (xxx) xxx-xxxx."
.Subject = "Delayed Shipment re: MAWB: " & Forms!shipments!HAWB
End With

MsgBox "Email sent to Client!", vbOKOnly, "Email Status to Client"

Set objOutlook = Nothing
Set objMailItem = Nothing


Select Case Err.Number
Case 0
Case 94
MsgBox "You did not assign a manifest number or a destination code to your shipment."
Case Else
MsgBox (Str(Err.Number) & " " & Err.Description)
End Select

End Sub 'EmailDelayAdvice()

Any ideas or recommendations where to research will be greatly appreciated.