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    Non-Saved user defined fields for reports


    I have a form with a button which will generate a report based on the specific record open in the form. Every time a user generates this report, I want pop up message boxes to ask a few specific questions to populate fields in the report.

    However, I do not need the answers to the pop up message boxes to be saved in any table as they will be different every time the report is generated.

    How do I create pop up message boxes the user fills out, they populate fields in the report, and once the report is printed and closed the user data is erased?

    Thank you

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    Typically, I will get user input from comboboxes. MsgBoxes are either yes or no responses. You could ask a series of yes no questions and store the answers in variables. The best way would be to store the answer to the Msgbox in an integer but you could store it in a string variable or variant type also.

    Here is an example of a MsgBox that would get user input and store it in a variable named "Response2" you could have Response1, Response2, Response36, etc.

        Dim Msg2, Style2, Title2, Response2 'Make some declarations
        Msg2 = " Access wants to know the answer. Is it Yes or No?  "   'Define message
        Style2 = vbYesNo + vbInformation + vbDefaultButton1    ' Define buttons.
        Title2 = "Question"    ' Define title.
        Response2 = MsgBox(Msg2, Style2, Title2) 'This is where the message box pops up for the user
        'Now you need to handle the user input
        'The user has two options in this case
        'Yes or No. We will handle the input with an
        'If Then Else statement
        If Response2 = vbYes Then    ' User chose Yes.
        MsgBox "Congratulations, you chose Yes. "
        MsgBox "You chose No. Goodbye! ", vbInformation, "Action Stopped"
        Exit Sub
        End If

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    I think user entry to unbound controls on form will be the easiest. Textboxes on the report can refer to the controls on the open form. Open and print report, close form, no data saved. No code required, unless you want to validate user input.

    Another way to get user input is with popup parameters in a query that is report RecordSource. However, I don't use input popups because it is very hard, if not impossible, to validate user input.

    There are other ways to pass values to report but are more complex.
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    Works perfect using unbound controls in a form. Thank you for the help!

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