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    relink BackEnd file using VBA with password protected file

    Hello everyone.

    I have a code to relink a 2 backend files at start up.
    the problem is one of the files is password encripted.

    anyone can help me fix the code to input the password?
    here is the code

    Dim dbsTemp As Database
       Dim strMenu As String
       Dim strInput As String
       ' Open a Microsoft Jet database to which you will link
       ' a table.
       Set dbsTemp = CurrentDb
       ' Call the ConnectOutput procedure. The third argument
       ' will be used as the Connect string, and the fourth
       ' argument will be used as the SourceTableName.
             ConnectOutput dbsTemp, _
                "Usernames", _
                ";DATABASE=C:\Users\quico\Desktop\Weight_estimate_software_Usernames.accdb", _
             ConnectOutput dbsTemp, _
                "Composite_Parts", _
                ";DATABASE=C:\Users\quico\Desktop\Weight_Estimate_Start_Template.accdb", _
    End Function
    Sub ConnectOutput(dbsTemp As Database, _
       strTable As String, strConnect As String, _
       strSourceTable As String)
       Dim tdfLinked As TableDef
       ' Create a new TableDef, set its Connect and
       ' SourceTableName properties based on the passed
       ' arguments, and append it to the TableDefs collection.
       Set tdfLinked = dbsTemp.CreateTableDef(strTable)
       tdfLinked.Connect = strConnect
       tdfLinked.SourceTableName = strSourceTable
       dbsTemp.TableDefs.Append tdfLinked
    End Sub
    this part is calling the password protected database

             ConnectOutput dbsTemp, _
                "Usernames", _
                ";DATABASE=C:\Users\quico\Desktop\Weight_estimate_software_Usernames.accdb", _
    any ideas?
    Thanks so much

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    or even Better,

    if it possible to link to a backend file that has links? that would solve alot of problems

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    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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