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    Any way to have a text box store 3 unique values based off of a single input?

    I need to be able to enter a single string of text on a form and have some predefined suffixes appended to them in a table.

    Inputting: VB500

    Would populate a table like this with these 3 suffixes

    COL1 COL2
    VB500 VB500-NEW
    VB500 VB500-USED

    Please be specific if possible, i'm sort of a beginner to this stuff. Thanks!

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    You could use an option group. On your form you can create an option group using the wizard. Inside the option group you can place check boxes or radio buttons that will represent the three conditions.

    When a user ticks one of the options, the option group returns a value, an integer. You can place the integer value into column 2 of your table or you can place the literal text value. If you choose the text value, you just need to write out some VBA. perhaps a case select statement.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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