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    Using a macro in a datasheet subform to open a form

    I have a subform called TimecardList that lists the time sheets assigned to a project. The forms are linked by a common case number. The subform is on a form called Projects. I want to doubleclick on the ID field in the subform to open that particular time sheet. I know I can do it on a form but in datasheet view I cannot accomplish this. I've tried embedding an embedded macro and stand alone macro saved to the OnActivate field but it return all of the time sheets, not just the selected one. I don't know of a way of creating a button on the datasheet form although this would not be my first choice. Any suggestions? thanks.

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    You can use the double click event in a textbox or other control to fire VBA code. You can not use control buttons or other similar controls on a form in data sheet view. If your Data Sheet view form is a subform, open the subform directly in edit view to add your dbl click event subroutine.

    I assume when you refer to "Project" and "Forms" you are referring to projects and forms that office staff or production staff are working on as part of the daily business routines.

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    It is possible in datasheet view. Is the object in the subform container a form or a table/query? Can't have code behind table/query object. Use a form object.

    I use the subform double click event and I put a label at top of the subform to instruct users "Double click in left margin of a record to view data." Then code in the subform's (the actual form, not the subform container control) DblClick event opens another form:

    DoCmd.OpenForm "form name", , "ID=" & Me.ID

    However, double click event of a textbox should also work, it does for me.
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