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    Query criteria in a form

    I have a query that shows for example "name,address,birth_date"
    i have a form "_pec_tot" with field editbox with:
    "from","to","start query"

    if editbox are empty i want to not filtrate the result,
    if only "from" is not null i have to choose the rows that has the birthdate>=than the field ecc...
    if i only use:
    Between [Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![from] And [Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![to]
    and the field are both with value i have no problem

    i have trouble if editbox are empty so i have tried:

    in the query, under birthdate criteria i have written
    Switch(Not IsNull([Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![from]) And Not IsNull([Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![to]);Between [Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![from] And [Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![to];Not IsNull([Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![from]);>[Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![from];Not IsNull([Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![to]);<[Forms]![_PEC_TOT]![to])

    no error appears, but found nothing, even all editbox have value...
    what can i do?

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    is there no way to do it?
    can't i do any dinamic query?

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