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    Post Importing from several Excel files to Access.

    I need some help. I have excel files that I update on a daily basis and save on a daily basis with percentages. I need to take the employee information and the percentages from all these files and put them in a database in excel to the daily percentages as well as weekly and monthly averages.

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    1) You can manually import the Excel data into tables in Access - that's easy.

    2) Once you have the tables in Access, you can add your data to it using a data entry form and not have to mess around with excel files.

    3) You can get pretty much any report you need once it's in Access.

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    Everything Dal Jeasis says is correct.

    You may not need to import the percentages or averages into the Access database. Within Access, there are ways you can summarize table data using queries, and you can place calculations in the queries to compute the percentages, totals, and averages. In a relational database, it’s not too often you have to store the results of calculations, because you design the application to just re-calculate.

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