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Switchboard Issues - Unable to get navigation using Switchboard Manager

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    Switchboard Issues - Unable to get navigation using Switchboard Manager

    I have a database that I am using to keep track of employee's training status. I also use this tool to manage the four shops that allows me to know who can do a job so if I need to move resources around, I don't have to rely on anyone's memory in an attempt to backfill due to absentisim and vacations.

    Other managers have expressed an interest in using it but would like to have their own switchbords to only manage within their shops...however, they would still like to use the search functions to know who can do tasks outside of their shops as well. Employees do transfer from shop to shop but more often than not, once they leave one shop, the expertise is forgotten after a while.

    I have created a main switchboard as well as 4 "sub" switchboards. However, I am not allowed to customize switchboards. Any buttons or commands I may add germaine to an individual shop will appear on all switchboards.

    The only way I can see to avoid this is to create a form and use it as a switchboard rather than try to use the switchboard manager.

    Thanks in advance for any help...

    PS - I am leaving the country for a week so I may not respond right away.

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    The other thing you can do is (A) Add the new controls to all the switchboards, but (B) hide them based upon the user ID or some TempVars setting.

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