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    Update query advise

    Hello all.

    Could I have an update query to fill in the fields of a table from another one, although the number of records does not match?

    I mean, I have the Operators table:

    And the Rooms table:
    OperName Room Schedule
    405 5:00
    23 2:00
    234 7:00
    123 12:00
    423 10:00
    345 10:30

    How could I have ALL the OperName field at the Rooms table fill in with the operators at the Operators table ONLY and EVENLY?

    My Operators table reflects the staff available, and the must be assignated to the rooms on that day.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No, a query could not accomplish that. There is no criteria for the query to consider. It can't 'know' which operator goes with which room/schedule and an UPDATE query cannot create records.

    If you want every operator associated with every/room schedule, that could be done in SELECT query that does not have a JOIN clause - a Cartesian join, like

    SELECT OperatorName, Room, Schedule FROM Operators, Rooms;

    Then you can use the SELECT query as a source for an INSERT seql action to create new records in a table.
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    Thank you for the tip, June.


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