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    Is this a Query or Sorting problem?

    Ok, new to this relm. First off I'm using Access 2002 working in a tooling company, writing a tool tracking DB. What I have is :

    [Liner ID #] [Inspected Date] [Dia 1] [Dia 2] [Dia 3].... so on

    The [Dia 1] are measurements of the liners. The liner are constantly changing with the break-down of the tool. We have multiple liners ranging from Liner A-1-1 thru B-15-5. I have all the liner group in there own tables by table Liner A and Liner B.


    Is there a way to do a query to only show only the lastest or most currert by [inspected date], for every liners with all the measurements?

    If I can just grab [liner id #] and most recent [Date inspected] info in a query, I can bring rest data with it.

    Any help with my quest for knowledge

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    Try something like:

    SELECT [Liner ID #], Max([Inspected Date]), [Dia1], [Dia2], etc.....
    FROM YourTable
    GROUP BY [Liner ID #], [Dia1], [Dia2], etc.....

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    SELECT [Liner ID #], Max([Date Inspected]) AS [MaxOfDate Inspected]
    FROM [Liner A]
    GROUP BY [Liner ID #];

    I had a break-thru last night..... This works out great

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