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    Splitting long string to multiple fixed-length strings? Possible w/query?

    So, I have a table where I want to break longer strings into three-character strings.

    So... for example the data item "Forest," I'd like to generate "FOR" "ORE" "RES" "EST" and write all four to another table, allowing for duplication. Alternately, we could make a list and just count the unique 3-character strings. The end goal here is to measure the frequency of 3-character strings across a set of data.

    Any thoughts on how to do this with an Access query?


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    If the data length never changed (always 6 characters), this could be done entirely within query. However, I expect the data length is variable and will therefore require a VBA procedure. The procedure would open a recordset, loop through records, extract the substrings, write records to another table.
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