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    have hyperlink use own name/text

    I am trying to create a movie list database and i want to have the list be hyperlinks to the folder where the individual movie is. If there any way to have the hyperlink take/use its own name/text with out having to type it in or go through the folders everytime? Im going mad do this for hundreds of individual movies

    I know Ctrl K is a shortcut but you still have to browse through or cut and paste and so on. When I hit Ctrl K i just want it to open up the dialog box it the text its written with.

    Thanks for all your help ahead of time.

    Thanks again,


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    been a while since I've had a project w/ hyperlink... the traditional method is to have your cursor in the field, right click, select 'Edit Hyperlink' and then find the file. When in that window you can manipulate the text that is visible vs the actual path text...

    to do hundreds is grunt work - - - to automate the entry of hyperlinks you need to begin with a look up the hyperlink method in Access or VB Help...and it will show you the syntax - - as there is more there than meets the eye....

    then one could get creative and write a VB loop that puts in the values automatically assuming there is some logical sequence of the naming convention that is used....but with movie titles I tend to doubt am not sure of any short cut...

    caution: you want to be absolutely positively rock solid certain that the folders/locations of the DB and the movies will never change - - as any change will render all those links invalid.....

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