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    Question Field from multiple records to multiple fields in one record

    Hello all,

    I am very stuck.

    I've got a data entry form for events with a nested data entry sub-form for the contents of the vehicle going to the event.
    These are from EventsLog table and VanLog table respectively.

    VAN1_NAME (yes/no)
    VAN2_NAME (yes/no)
    VAN3_NAME (yes/no)
    VAN4_NAME (yes/no)

    EVENT SUBFORM (tabs for each van, separate record in VANLOG for each van selected in main form)
    EVENT_NAME (linked to main)
    EVENT_DATE (linked to main)
    VAN1_NAME (yes/no linked to same van in main)
    VAN2_NAME (yes/no linked to same van in main)
    VAN3_NAME (yes/no linked to same van in main)
    VAN4_NAME (yes/no linked to same van in main)
    CONTROLLER1 (foreign key)
    CONTROLLER2 (foreign key)
    CONTROLLER3 (foreign key)
    CONTROLLER4 (foreign key)


    I need the S/N's of all controllers with a subloc = van_name to populate the CONTROLLER1, CONTROLLER2, etc. fields in the VanLog table.

    I hope all that made sense. I'm really not sure how to do this. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated


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    And if you need 5 Van Names what do you do? You may want to revisit the table structure one more time for normalization.
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