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    Access frontend with postgres backend on PGP Desktop

    The title might be a mouthful but here is a bit of history:
    I created an Access 2010 DB for our office with split front and backend so I could keep adding things to the interface without disrupting work for the others. Both frontend and backend are on a shared drive. Since we have sensitive and confidential data, our IT decided to add PGP encryption on all computers and network drives using Symantec PGP Desktop. This is where the pain started. PGP Desktop is not compatible with split Access DB so the backend has to be kept unencrypted, which defeats the purpose. Also, a change on the network corrupted the backend and I nearly lost 3 years of data if not for a backup I did the same morning on my computer to test something. Following this lack of security I decided to move the backend to a Postgresql server instead and keep the Access frontend.

    Everything runs perfectly fine on my computer. I even coded the connection to the postgres server through VBA for an easier distribution. But when I copy the frontend on the shared drive for distribution, it will work once maybe twice and the file gets corrupted.

    It appears that the frontend is gets corrupted after the connection to the server is made. As long as I don't link tables everything stay fine.
    Could it be the way the links are saved in Access that gets corrupted with PGP?

    Did anyone encountered a similar situation?

    (Everyone has Windows 7 and MS Office 2010 with latest updates. Also all users are computer illiterate.)


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    If I copy the frontend to a desktop and link the tables from there, I can work with it. However, if I re-open Access with the tables already linked, it fails to recognize the connection and I have to delete all the links and start over. But at least it is not corrupted as it would be on the shared drive.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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