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    How to display data. (Criteria and organization)

    So there might be another way to go about this, but I thougt to use IIF()

    I have a field that contains either S (scale), R (range), and Y (Yes/No)
    In another field there are numbers from 0 to 5

    However if the 1st field is S then:
    0=N/A 1=1 2=2 3=3 4=4 5=5

    If it's R:
    0=Poor 1=Fair 2=Average 3=Good 4=Exellent

    If it's Y:
    0=No 1=Yes

    I want to display this data somehow so I figured that I would first convert anything that needs to be changed and then figure out how to sort it

    So I came up with:

    IIF([EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceType]="S", IIF([EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceResult]=0,"N/A", [EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceResult]))
    OR IIF (EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceType]="R",
    OR IIF([EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceResult]=1,"Fair")
    OR IIF([EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceResult]=2,"Average")
    OR IIF([EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceResult]=3,"Good")
    OR IIF([EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceResult]=4,"Exellent ")
    OR IIF([EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceType]="Y", IIF([EvaluationAllInfo].[PerformanceResult]=0, "No", "Yes"))

    This doesn't work, and I get -1 for all values. Is my format wrong, or is this just not a valid format?

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    Your syntax has errors. Do not use those ORs (need commas) and the parens are not right. You might want to review how to structure nested IIfs.

    However, this may be simpler:

    Switch([PerformanceType]="S",IIf([PerformanceResult]=0,"N/A",[PerformanceResult]), [PerformanceType]="R",Choose([PerformanceResult],"Poor","Fair","Average","Good","Excellent"), [PerformanceType]="Y",IIf([PerformanceResult]=0,"No","Yes"))
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    I used nested immediate IFs and the Switch function. It's long!!

    Here is the statement:
    Here is the SQL for a query:
    SELECT EvaluationAllInfo.PerformanceType, EvaluationAllInfo.PerformanceResult, IIf([PerformanceType]="S",Switch([PerformanceResult]=0,"NA",[PerformanceResult]=1,1,[PerformanceResult]=2,2,[PerformanceResult]=3,3,[PerformanceResult]=4,4,[PerformanceResult]=5,5),IIf([PerformanceType]="R",Switch([PerformanceResult]=0,"Poor",[PerformanceResult]=1,"Fair",[PerformanceResult]=2,"Average",[PerformanceResult]=3,"Good",[PerformanceResult]=4,"Excellent"),IIf([PerformanceType]="Y",Switch([PerformanceResult]=0,"No",[PerformanceResult]=1,"Yes"),"ERROR"))) AS xyz
    FROM EvaluationAllInfo;

    Another way would be to write a UDF to return the result.
    Public Function GetResultText(pType As String, pResult As Long) As String
       Select Case pType
          Case "S"
             Select Case pResult
                Case 0
                   GetResultText = "N/A"
                Case Else
                   GetResultText = pResult
             End Select
          Case "R"
             Select Case pResult
                Case 0
                   GetResultText = "Poor"
                Case 1
                   GetResultText = "Fair"
                Case 2
                   GetResultText = "Average"
                Case 3
                   GetResultText = "Good"
                Case 4
                   GetResultText = "Excellent"
                Case Else
                   GetResultText = "Error"
             End Select
          Case "Y"
             Select Case pResult
                Case 0
                   GetResultText = "No"
                Case 1
                   GetResultText = "Yes"
             End Select
          Case Else
             GetResultText = "Error"
       End Select
    End Function
    SELECT EvaluationAllInfo.PerformanceType, EvaluationAllInfo.PerformanceResult, GetResultText([PerformanceType],[PerformanceResult]) AS xyz
    FROM EvaluationAllInfo;
    In both queries, change "xyz" to whatever name you want...

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